Mike asks…

How often do I put pink eye remedy in my eyes?

How often do I put pink eye remedy in my eye? It doesn’t say on the bottle.

Krishnan answers:

True pink eyes are cause by a virus( usually influenza A), so the answer is never. So why do they give you eye drops? To keep you busy so you won’t bother them. However if you must have an answer, for drops, it’s every 4 hours, for ointment, every 6-8 hrs.

Susan asks…

What is the best solution to hayfever eyes?

My eyes get so itchy, swollen & weepy during the hayfever months, to the point where going out is not fun! So any eye remedy’s would be wonderful.

Krishnan answers:

A percentage of patients do get good symptom relief with oral antihistamines. However many require to use topical eye drops as well. Individual responses to these do vary. The classic choice is sodium cromoglycate, however ketotifen drops are often more effective.

Kirstie asks…

How do you know if you have pink eye?

I think i may have it, but im not completely sure. My entire left is eye is almost redish-pink, but when i woke up today, i didnt have any discharge, and it wasnt crusted shut. It doesnt seem to be swelling, but i have a tendency to keep it almost shut, and it is sensitive to light. Any suggestions? I also went out and bought an over the counter pink eye remedy eye drops.

Krishnan answers:

While it doesn’t seem like you have the symptoms of pink eye.. It does seem like you have torn your cornea…you should get yourself checked out by a doctor as that could become infected. If you wear contacts do not put them in but wear glasses instead until you get yourself checked out.

Lynn asks…

How can I get rid of bags under my eyes? Home remedies?

I want to get rid of my bags under my eyes using home remedies. Can you tell me any solutions that would actually work? I would like some information and some background websites or any proof. Thanks :]

Krishnan answers:

Enough sleep, plenty of water and avoiding caffeine, helped my, my mums and my sisters eye-bags to clear up :)

Jim asks…

How can I get rid of dark, puffy circles under my eyes?

I guess I have little amount of sleep due to a copious amount of homework I get every night.
I haven’t tried any make-up or anything yet; just in case they fail to work.

Any suggestions on getting rid of the dark and puffy circles under my eyes?
Home remedies would be the greatest thing in the world c:

Thank you so much!

Krishnan answers:

In the skin care section of stores they have like creams and pens with rolling metal balls on the end(to get the blood in the capillaries flowing), try those. Or you could try cold spoons for the puffiness

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